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Sitar Wars and Scimitar Trek. [Dec. 1st, 2016|12:30 pm]
I know, it's been forever since I posted last. Mainly in an effort to not post anything about Pokemon Sun/Moon (great games, but I'm in a spoiler moratorium for now.)

So just the quick personal update: doing all right, as well as can be expected; and with yesterday being the 20th "birthday" of Dragon Force, that's what I've been starting to get back into. Something like speed-running, perhaps.
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Pokemon and on and on. [Feb. 28th, 2016|07:07 pm]
So TPCI just wrapped up thirty-odd hours of festivities on twitch. Fun stuff. First was a celebration of various games including some N64 dustoffage and some teaser play for Pokken Tournament. Then came 24 hours of watching - first the movies (which as you might imagine took full 19 of the hours, going sequentially from the first movie through to Black, Kyurem, and Genesect - then showed Origins and the various side stories lumped together as Chronicles.

3DS Gen 1 are available; I picked up Blue because of course I did. And Super Mystery Dungeon, which I had picked up before.

Sure, it's little things... but it's simpler things that pull me back almost half a lifetime. It's kinda funny how much of my life as an adult has been influenced by Gamefreak's game of freaks and sundry critters. It gave me a creative outlet which hasn't always been stable lately because work has a somewhat draining effect on me at time. But more importantly, I think, it helped me find and lose myself at the same time, at times when I needed both. And many other things.

But enough about that. Short form: went on a nice bit of nostalgia trip over the past thirty-odd hours, and it's left me a bit more content than the surly (and even sick) I've been the week before. Quite a bit more content. And yes, looking forward to more news about Sun and Moon versions.
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Pods of juffo-wup: answering 36 questions from a wanderer's perspective. [Feb. 7th, 2016|11:07 pm]

This was going to be about getting something off my chest; but I have to evaluate that further. So instead...

Quite a podCollapse )
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Samus or Celes, which the keck do y'all want? [Dec. 19th, 2015|06:43 pm]

So I obtained a thing recently, just a few old books from Japan. About Dragon Force, of course. To everyone: sorry that I take forever between posts.

Yeah, just a bit of rambling. I haven't seen what some around me are calling the fourth Star Wars movie - not Episode IV, but the fourth Star Wars movie... but I looked at my phone's Google feed, and apparently there's already controversy about Rey being a Mary Sue because of how much stuff she's capable of doing.

Hollywood gives us simpering needaman, damsel in distress, not particularly useful women. You know, like both Elizabeth Swann and Isabella Swan. The cry goes out for STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS. We get like Katniss Everdeen and now Rey Skysplitter or whatever her surname happens to be (no need to say it.) And they're Mary Sues because they're too strong and can take the piss outta doods and what the keck not.

But you know, a dood does this, and he's a bleeming Renaissance Man. Han Bleeming Solo is a swindler, a marksman, a mechanic, a winter survivalist, one of the top-tier star pilots in the galaxy, the owner of the fastest starship in the galaxy, and manages to hook up with a badass princess. Oh, and he understands Wookiee (which may as well be holding enlightened conversations with a dog,) Rodian, Huttese, and who knows what else. Han Solo is *celebrated* for these attributes.

Iono. What do these people want? They don't want Rinoa, they don't want Celes, and they don't want Lightning. Zelda isn't good enough, and Samus isn't good enough.

And when you think you have them good enough... then they don't look feminine enough (Captain Phasma, I'm looking forward to seeing what she's all about,) or are too sexualised (iono, Bayonetta or Crimson Viper) or aren't sexualised enough or...

Yare yare ja.
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I have too many justice! [Aug. 19th, 2015|03:14 pm]
And too many random thoughts. Basically, it's divided between work, Dragon Force, various Final Fantasy games, and a song triggering an array of fanfic ideas. Not even an English-language song, either, but Finnish. I'll leave that at that for now though.

Shout out to two August birthday girls: zarla, and Annie, my sister-in-law. :)

The work stuff is just a lot of the typical, saving people from themselves or telling people why they're beyond salvation.

The Dragon Force stuff is a plan on making a faq out of a bug that lets you glitch-recruit Zanon or Kyouen. And the debug mode in depth.

The FF stuff pertains to playing FF3 and intending to play FF9. Also, a bit of Record Keeper.

And the fanfic stuff - again, I'll leave that at that.
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Ganon created 'one of the stone' with "holy" to land in this world. [Jul. 30th, 2015|10:53 am]
First off... though I'm not big into tumblr, this post is important mmk.

Also, very cool:


Back to the regularly not-quite-scheduled whatever.

So by a weird random coincidence, it turns out that the Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy Tactics have something in common:


This happens to be both the name of the kingdom in LoZ, and Delita's family name in FFT. But surely that's a coincidence, na? But what if it weren't? Since Ganon has never actually ruled Hyrule... which way could be taken with this? Is one of the Zeldas an ancestor of Delita? Did a Zelda usurp control of Hyrule from its original rulers? Did a "Link of Hyrule" end up in Ivalice at some point?

Just as frightening is the idea of Ganon getting his hands on one or more of the Zodiac Stones. Would he succumb to Lucavi's corrupting influence, or would his own evil dominate?

My mind's wandering now, nice.


Anyhoo, enough of that for a moment. Just more of the usual for now.
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This side of ALL the hype. [Jul. 12th, 2015|11:20 pm]
So, while I don't have the twitters, I did just get home from Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions - directed by a lady from TPCI (who was quite animated, and somewhat playful, she was great) and performed by our local symphony orchestra.

First off, the crowd was a fascinating mix of people dressed for symphony concert, people dressed for a Pokemon event, and both; the old lady directly in front of me was particularly interesting, as she was wearing just a regular dress, but it was printed with Pikachu and the Kanto starters.

Almost "bro-fisted" the fellow to my left after we both marked out for Bulbasaur during the starter selection part of the Pallet theme (which, yes, we were encouraged to do.) And apparently, there were enough N cosplayers to be notable. Lots of dolls too - and not just the Pikachu that had been sitting on stage that the director launched just to the right of my general location. I almost had half a mind to bring my Meowth doll, but that thing's freaking huge.

The music "tho." Sweet mother of Nistus, the music was amazing. The set spanned the six generations of main series, with just one obligatory deviation; but it included:

-Kanto: Pallet, Team Rocket, and a battle medley.
-Johto: Ecruteak City, the towers, and "..." - take a wild guess what that entails.
-Hoenn: The various legendary themes and the ending.
-Sinnoh: The intro, a route theme medley, and the Lake Trio.
-Unova: Purely focused on themes related to N, including the game intro and N's castle.
-Kalos: The history theme, a couple early themes, Sycamore's theme (which had EVERYONE hype,) the gym leader theme, and Kiseki as the absolute last song - dedicated, of course, to Satoru Iwata. It's an important song. And inspiring, the way CERTAIN POPULAR FINAL FANTASY SONGS couldn't hope to be. Hopes and dreams, my friends.
-The deviation: Original theme song, with the audience being actively encouraged to supply the vocal section. We did rather well on the first verse and refrain; but the better part of the audience pro'ly didn't know there was a second verse. And no, no prompts, just a number of significant battles from the cartoon. And yes, I did sing. Audibly. And relatively well, as some of the nearby folk remarked. :D

Now wondering if my roomie will try to talk me into going to Distant Worlds or SotG Master Quest. But I digress. This concert was something I needed, and I'm totally glad I jumped at the chance.
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CROSS THE HEAVENS [Jun. 16th, 2015|11:34 am]
So what people have wanted for this side of forever... they're getting. Yes, I'm totally referring to POKEM... no, wait, it was HYRULE WARRIORS ON 3... strike that and hold on... STAR F... dammit...

Yeah, Final Fantasy 7 minus the blocky polygons. And Kingdom Hearts 3. And a new Star Ocean. And yeah, Star Fox 64 reloaded.

But yeah, not sure what to think about a remade FF7. That and Record Keeper actually make me want to dig out 9 and play that again, actually; but I'm weird like that.
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Front and center. [Apr. 3rd, 2015|05:00 pm]
Pokemon has a symphony concert tour this year; the tickets for the local version went up today.

I managed to get a somewhat decent siege for this. Down in front. Third row. THIRD ROW.
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Slice encounters bugged time-off mechanics. [Feb. 27th, 2015|03:38 pm]
Luckily, though a touch annoyingly, the jury summons turned out to be a dud, and I never had to enter a courtroom to watch live-action Phoenix Wright action. Yes, this was two months ago; but, well, that seems typical of me lately.


So started playing Alpha Sapphire (along with several games on Wii U Virtual Console.) And well beyond started, I've actually gotten near the end (that is, with Kyogre caught and eight badges get.) And what do I think?

1. The Devon Corporation is now highly disturbing. Basically, they've been retconned* to where their corporate success in Hoenn is based on the fact that President Stone's grandfather (that is, Steven's great-grandfather) somehow learned about AZ's resurrection engine / superweapon in Kalos, and reverse-engineered it to create something called Infinity Energy, which is intended to be a nearly infinite power source (which, at least as far as we know, isn't powered by Pokemon souls.)

But here's the problem. Devon still had the research on the weapon; and this is what M/A-d stole in order to create a weapon that could help them open Seafloor Cavern raise the preferred Primal Legendary. So why wouldn't Devon have rid themselves of the weapon data once they had perfected Infinity Energy?

2. Otherwise, it's the Sapphire I'm familiar with, pretty much. The new features are pretty nifty, otherwise yeah. :)


What else have I been up to lately. Surprisingly not much, actually - a lot of the predictable same. Not so much World of Warcraft... come to think of it, I haven't done much of that since Draenor launched; I think part of it is that my druid ended up with the goofiest cow-grin on her face, while the priest (who's a gnome) is now perpetually pissed off. Meh, dunno.

Picked up the conversion of the D&D arcade game... along with three more copies (went with that deal,) so I have some to share perhaps. ^^ IMMORTAL'S FAVOUR! CONTINUAL LIGHT!

Pathfinder card game... 's not bad either. Lots of board gaming, good stuff.

But yeah. Another day, another year, no longer able to retort with "I'm 37, I'm not old!" truthfully.
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